About Us

At CRAZY ABOUT COOKIES the name really says it all – we’re just crazy about cookies! Nothing was better than mom pulling out a pan of fresh baked cookies straight from the oven.... Except getting to be the one that got to lick the spoon with the remaining batter! To us, that was always a special treat. Eating the cookie dough batter with mom will always hold a special place in our hearts. We wanted to make eating cookie dough safe for others to enjoy. Our safe-to-eat edible cookie dough is literally the BEST thing around! We take pride in our cookie dough and use quality ingredients that will absolutely satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Crazy About Cookies edible cookie dough uses NO egg, NO raw flour and NO chemical leavener...those bad things your grandma warned you about. Now you can enjoy cookie dough whenever you want! It's simply delicious! 

Crazy About Cookies is a division of Neighbors, LLC, a state-of-the-art facility that manufactures premium quality cookie dough for private label, food service, retail and fundraising. For more information, visit us at neighborscookies.com.